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Below are two downloadable PDF's for use that A) Explain the Issue and B) Explain How to Take Action

What is Swipe Fee Reform?Take Action


Pre-written Tweets for your use:

Use these pre-written Tweets to send to your members of Congress. Simply replace [@legislator] with the correct Twitter handle to whom you want to Tweet.

Tweet 1: @[colleague’s username] have you heard about banks lobbying Congress to charge higher debit swipe fees? Act now to stop them:
Tweet 2: @[colleague’s username] Bad news! Banks are lobbying Congress to charge higher debit swipe fees. Act now to stop them:


Sample email for your use to contact Congress:

Use this template to email your members of Congress. Please add your own story or reasons to protect swipe fee reform.

Dear colleague,

I want to let you know about an important issue brewing in Washington that we need to act on: protecting debit swipe fee reform. Debit swipe fee reform first happened in 2010 when Congress passed legislation that protected businesses and consumers from unfair debit swipe fees.

But big banks are at it again. They’re lobbying Congress to allow banks to increase unfair debit card swipe fees by passing H.R.10, the Financial CHOICE Act of 2017.

Since 2010, businesses and consumers have saved billions. We can’t let banks go back to charging unfair debit swipe fees. Will you contact your members of Congress? Use this link to contact Congress now:



Sample Facebook Messages for your use

Copy and paste this message to post on your members of Congress' Facebook page or comment on their last post.

I urge you to stand with small businesses and consumers, and protect swipe fee reform. Don’t let the debit swipe fee reform repeal remain in H.R.10, the Financial CHOICE Act.

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